With my art, I want to show what is not immediately perceptible to tempt the viewer to a wink or smile as a token of recognition.

I start from the idea that we live in a world that is constantly changing, a world in which isolated individuals do not seem to exist
because everything and everyone copies each other. There is no self-will in this. The individual becomes a dress.
This can be frustrating, but can also lead to hilarious scenes.

Observing the invisible reality has prompted me to make cartoons, short cartoons, and images on canvas and panels or as photographic prints of characters in recognizable landscapes.

The dialogue between form and image is central to this. Worked out on paper, paint, or other materials, the line remains the connecting factor.

2007 – 2010 MA Visual Knowledge Building, University of Art and Design, Helsinki 
1980-1983 (BA) Academy for Visual Arts (Willem De Kooning Academy) Rotterdam, Majors in Visual Communication

1997-now     Lecturer in visual communication for the department in Design Management
and lecturer in writing skills in Dutch language for the department
in Communication of Inholland University, Rotterdam 

2022 Looking for Interspace: Dasein its Design, Galerie23, Olten, Swiss
2022 De keuze van Alexx Meidam-Lynda Deutz, Pulchri, Den Haag
2021  ExpoZee, O.C. d’ Annexe, De Haan (Belgium)         
2020   11/2 m. expo, Pulchri, Den Haag          
2020 Boijmans Drive-thru Museum, Ahoy, Rotterdam            
2020 Buitenexpo Publieke Werken, Rotterdam
2019 Salon 2019, Teekengenootschap Pictura, Dordrecht
2019 ExpoZee, O.C. d’ Annexe, De Haan (Belgium)
2018 Time for a Change, Bij Loes, Rotterdam
2018 Grote Portretten Galerij, Teekengenootschap Pictura, Dordrecht
2018  Good old Days, Kunstcafé Gommers, Rotterdam
2018 Gustav Klimt Interpretaties, Galerie Wind, Rotterdam
2018 Panorama Persepit, De Haan (Belgium)
2018 Sculptures at Sea, De Haan (Belgium)
2017 Salon 2017, Teekengenootschap Pictura, Dordrecht
2017  ExpoZee, O.C. d’ Annexe, De Haan (Belgium)
2016  Salon du Printemps, Zerp Galerie, Rotterdam
2016 ExpoZee, O.C. d’ Annexe, De Haan (Belgium)
2015 Salon 2015, Teekengenootschap Pictura, Dordrecht
2015 Aardappel anders, Galerie Wind, Rotterdam
2015 Feeling at home, The Tumansvili film actors theatre, Tbilisi (Georgie)
2013 International schildersweek: In het licht van Walcheren, Domburg
2013  Salon 2013, Teekengenootschap Pictura, Dordrecht
2012 International schildersweek: In het licht van Walcheren, Domburg
2011  One day, One room, galerie KunstInzigt, Rotterdam
2011  Salon 2011, Teekengenootschap Pictura, Dordrecht
2011 International schildersweek: In het licht van Walcheren, Domburg
2011  A view to Shoot, galerie Herengracht 318, Amsterdam
2010  La Gitane, CBK, Rotterdam
2010  Group exposition, Atelier 66, Giethoorn
2010  Lynda Deutz en Libra Stilista, ‘T Zakkendragershuisje, Rotterdam
2009  De Loire verbeeld, Het Cleyne Huys, Den Haag
2009  Ontdek Maassluis en Omgeving, Gallery Ritsart, Maassluis
2009  Salon 2009, Teekengenootschap Pictura, Dordrecht
2008  The unknown soldier, photoproject in studio Oranjeboomstraat, Rotterdam
2007 Dutch heArts beats in Latvia, Riga (Latvia)
2006 Havenkunstdagen, studio 2620, Rotterdam
2005 Draw_ Drawing_2 Gallery 32, London (UK
2005 Expositie Spijker, Dordtsalon, Rotterdam
2005  Lof der Zot, Dordtsalon, Rotterdam
2005  Multimegamedia expo, Dordtsalon, Rotterdam
2004  “Droste”, Gallery Zechs,75+ NAP, Den Haag          
2004  Koffers op drift”, 75+ NAP, Den Haag, Moscow (Russia)
2003 “Automat”, Gallery Zechs,75+ NAP, Den Haag
2003  “Vet”, Gallery Zechs,75+ NAP, Den Haag
2002 Performance “Dancing in Tulips”, in cooperation with the exposition
of Alex Meidam in Gallery 2000, St Petersburg Performancetime:
16.30, 08-05-2001, in the square in front of the Hermitage, dancing in  tulips
(Prinsess Irene tulips) at DVORTSOVAYA pl. (palacesquare in St Petersburg)
2001 “Nieuwlicht”, De Oplichterij en 75+ NAP, Rotterdam
2000 “Alles tegen hoofdpijn”, Kunstcafé Gommers, Rotterdam
1998 Presenting Lynda Deutz, Kunstcafé Gommers, Rotterdam
Kees van Dongen Schilderdag, 2009-2012, Delfshaven
Expo ‘T Zakkendragershuisje, 2010- 2013, Delfshaven
Ronald Lagendijk, Lynda Deutz en Kyan Thijse, 1984-1989 De Lachende Koe,
herinneringen aan Jaap Zwier en galerie De Lachende Koe, Rotterdam, 2000. ISBN 90-805840-1-0